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ZeeWee! 1.10.1 maintenance release is here!!

  → Several user interface enhancements
  → Many bug fixes...
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A New Match 3 Game ... With A Strange Twist!
I have decided to take the match 3 style game into my "secret laboratory" and perform some "interesting" experiments {...insert evil laugh here}. Think about a mix between King's popular game Candy Crush and ...something so diabolical you will never guess what it will be!

Hint: It holds the title of being one of the largest known organisms in the world.

It is time to give the Candy Crush match 3 style game a "SPECIAL" modification. More fun than ever!

Stay tuned!!
We Are Still Busy Improving Our Website!
Thank you for visiting Rolfe Logic Software. Please pardon our mess.
We are currently re-designing our website with lots of new features including:
 ✓- Blog
 ✓- Information about current and upcoming releases
   - Better support areas and forums for each game
   - Job listings area
   - Less work for me to post updates ;)
   - And more...

Check back soon to see the changes...